About Us

We are a contractor that provides emergency, preventative, and scheduled maintenance for property management, retail and corporate organizations. From small maintenance tasks to complete brand refreshes we can be your partner in protecting your brand image. Working off hours or around your clientele we complete tasks without interrupting your business.

Control management is dedicated to the maintenance needs of your company across Ontario, whether you are an independent local business, or a regional retail or banking client with multiple locations. We are always ready to provide service efficiently and professionally.

With a dedicated management team in the office, we ensure proper communication of issues clearly to the client. Through efficiency we are looking to reduce your overall facility operating expenses.

Retail Maintenance

Since 1981 Control management has been offering retail maintenance solutions. Our services include painting, carpentry, electrical, and plumbing. We will complete any task needed to insure your business will not be interrupted by any maintenance related issues, and we will do so within budget and in a timely manner.

When your store has too many maintenance related issues, you’re probably losing business. Even the smallest scuffed wall, dirty frame liner, or malfunctioning lighting, can have a negative affect on your customers impression of your store... this in turn, will affect sales. Our duty is to eliminate any maintenance related issues which may be reflecting negatively on your brand.

That’s why North America’s best retailers, both large and small, depend on a reliable and trust worthy maintenance provider. Control management knows what is needed to have a successful retail maintenance program. From New York to Vancouver, we have shown our clients proven maintenance solutions, 24/7, to keep your stores operating the way they should.

We can provide floor cleaning, window cleaning, construction clean-ups, handyman services, daily maintenance, locksmith calls, plumbing needs, high dusting, emergency water removal & more...

We have experience with high performance coatings and our paint services include interior and exterior residential, industrial, and commercial services. Electrostatic painting is our specialty.

Control Management is dedicated to providing friendly, cost effective, and timely maintenance solutions. If a reliable maintenance program is what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at info@controlmanagement.ca

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